Training & Workshops

Practice-oriented education and training

Successful and well-managed companies ensure that their employees are highly motivated and well trained to meet the increasing demands of competing needs.

Through in-house training and development employees will gain insight into new and challenging areas of expertise, so the staff will qualify in their own, but also in the interest of the company for more advanced tasks. Employees also receive necessary knowledge for more efficient management of existing requirements. The self-employed coach is here especially to meet the needs of the company and their employees. The training can be customized to the individual requirements of the client.

In Management Training the manager will be prepared to the requirements in operational conflict over financial resources. It's about tactics and strategies in ad hoc or scheduled Meetings. It's about securing financial plan goals. And it's about the best methods "Taskings" and "Cuts" to pronounce or to avoid. 

All seminars and workshops are offered in German an English.