Bob Gallagher

“…. Taken all together, Ernst's successful efforts formed the financial basis for a successful  foundation and development of the new corporation, that was born at July 1, 2002.”

Bob Gallagher - former Corporate Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Advanced Medical Optics

Kazuki Koyasu

“…but Ernst came together with the leaders and in most cases he could win their commitment not by dictate but with his strong argumentation and leadership, where he demonstrated great knowledge of human nature. He was very well accepted in the Japanese Organisation as Manager but also as colleague, cooperating with the different departments.”

Kazuki Koyasu, Regional Director, Oracle Finance based in Tokyo .

Enzo Cangiolini

“… He was a key contributor to the strong success of AMO Cataract Business both at European and Global level being able to conjugate a clear focus on financial targets with an entrepreneurial vision to develop business opportunities. I really enjoyed working with him. He was not only a very competent and fair colleague, appreciated by all Team, but also someone which contributed to create a positive and trustworthy working environment.”          

Enzo Cangiolini, former Director Commercial Europe/Africa/Middle East, Abbott Medical Optics. 

Alain Rastouil

“… Ernst was managing a lot of business reviews with my staff and me either at major locations in Asia or at the Headquarters in Germany and in the States. In the mentioned reviews I learned Ernst as an expert not only in Financials but also in Business Development Topics especially in questions of Sales Strategy and Tactics. We have been together at tough and interesting business reviews in India, China and Australia.” 

Alain Rastouil, Commercial Director and Region Manager Asia Pacific,Abbott Medical Optics (AMO)

Russ Trenary

“… More than that I was impressed on how Ernst could constantly bring me personally up to speed into the Financials of the Cataract Division. 

“… One of the most important reviews took place in the Headquarter of the Corporation, to which we invited the leaders of the regions. No presentations that week but a very tough discussion on how our business could manage a performance increase for the rest of the year 2006 and onwards. This exercise was essential for the health of the entire corporation since our unit was 50% of the entire company. I can confirm, that Ernst was driving most of the financial challenges with the Leaders and finally could win their commitment for the right direction going forward. I can say that the result was his success … “.  

Russ Trenary, former Corporate Vice President and President Global Cataract Business, Advance Medical Optics (AMO)

Paul Rockley

 “…Ernst is well respected in many countries as he has worked successfully with sales – and marketing teams for Sales Force Incentive Plans, CRM and Sales Force Reporting Tools. His efforts to analyse the interdependencies between Customer, Product and Sales Force led to several critical decisions in Asia to expand our Sales Force by over 100% to take advantage of the market conditions.”

Signed: Paul Rockley, former Senior Director Commercial Operations Abbott Medical optics (AMO)
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Dr. Holger Heidrich

„… Zusammen mit meinem europäischen und asiatischen Management Team hat Ernst Kreischer ab Januar 2002 einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur erfolgreichen Ausgründung der Advanced Medical Optics aus dem  Allergan- Konzern geleistet. Als zuständiger Finanzdirektor für Europe/Africa und Asia Pacific hatte er die Aufgabe, in nur 6 Monaten sowohl in Europa als auch in Asien eine rechtlich selbständige und aktive Gesellschaftsstruktur zu implementieren.“


Gezeichnet: Dr. Holger Heidrich - damals President Europe/Africa/ Asia Pacific und Corporate Vice President Advanced Medical Optics

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