Bob Gallagher:

Together with the European and Asian Management Team, Ernst Kreischer had a leadership role and provided a major contribution to the successful spin off of Advanced Medical Optics from Pharm Allergan in 2002.  In the position of the Finance Director responsible for the Regions of Europe / Middle East / Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific, Ernst had the duty to implement an independent and active Company structure, from a finance point of view, in just 6 months for both regions.  In this role, Ernst successfully accomplished the clear objective to set up the entire infrastructure for 14 European and 10 Asian  companies, including the commercial and tax foundations, treasury functions, registration initiatives, distribution agreements in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, to name a few.

A very significant success of Ernst for the economic viability of the new entities was the recruitment of new employees for the Finance Functions of the Regions.  He traveled to the major markets of the newly founded entities and was able to inspire people with his vision of the new company.  He won outstanding specialists to join the company and secure the Finance and Accounting functions in time before the deadline of going live.  The building of the required resources in the  Finance Shared Service Centers in Ireland and Hong Kong was a key enabler for the positive spin-off of AMO.  Ernst also was able to prepare the first budgets for Europe and Asia for the years 2002 and 2003.  Taken all together, Ernst's successful efforts formed the financial basis for a successful  foundation and development of the new corporation, that was born at July 1, 2002.

Bob Gallagher - former Corporate Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Advanced Medical Optics