Kazuki Koyasu:

I want to give reference about Ernst Kreischer, with whom I had the pleasure to work in 2010 and 2011 in my prior position as Manager Sales Operation, responsible for AMO Japan . This was a short but intensive time working together on the challenging task in Tokyo in order to establish a strong Sales Operation Function for the benefit of the Japanese business. There were a lot of disputes with the local management regarding the roles and responsibilities, but Ernst came together with the leaders and in most cases he could win their commitment not by dictate but with his strong argumentation and leadership, where he demonstrated great knowledge of human nature. He was very well accepted in the Japanese Organisation as Manager but also as colleague, cooperating with the different departments. Personally I want to say that Ernst was a great manager and was not only the kind of manager that takes the top down approach. Ernst was a team player, always focussing on how to grow the business. Together on all cases, we discussed until we were on the same page, sharing the same agenda on hard tasks before going into various issues to get things done within tight deadlines. It was a  pleasure working with Ernst and I highly recommend himself and his passion.

I am Kazuki Koyasu, Regional Director, Oracle Finance based in Tokyo .