Russ Trenary:

I became responsible for the Global Cataract Business of AMO in early 2006 and started to work very closely with Ernst, the Global Division Controller. Ernst was still located in Ettlingen, Germany  but travelled to Santa Ana regularly to work with me on standard business questions but also on tough exercises of the Cataract business. We developed Standard Reporting and Ernst was coordinating strongly with the world leaders on the requirements.

We worked out  Strategic Plans consolidated globally and for the Regions. I appreciated very much the style on how Ernst worked out complex Analysis into easy to understand reports. I remember his Strategic Plan Templates, which he used to model around Revenue, cost and income. More than that I was impressed on how Ernst could constantly bring me personally up to speed into the Financials of the Cataract Division. We managed quite some interesting business reviews in Bangkok, also in Tokyo. Ernst was preparing the necessary Financial analysis in advance of the trips and helped me to prepare myself with the important questions to the Sales and Marketing Leaders in the Markets. One of the most important reviews took place in the Headquarter of the Corporation, to which we invited the leaders of the regions. No presentations that week but a very tough discussion on how our business could manage a performance increase for the rest of the year 2006 and onwards. This exercise was essential for the health of the entire corporation since our unit was 50% of the entire company. I can confirm, that Ernst was driving most of the financial challenges with the Leaders and finally could win their commitment for the right direction going forward. I can say that the result was his success and I recommended that he remain the Financial Controller for me, although he was not placed in USA.  After that exercise we were able to hit the expected numbers and Ernst was promoted to Vice President Finance in January 2007.  

Russ Trenary, former Corporate Vice President and President Global Cataract Business, Advanced Medical Optics (AMO